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Remote Potato 2014 Edition

Remote Potato 2014 Edition lets you take your entire library of TV shows, music, pictures and videos with you wherever you go - without having to sync.

Designed to integrate with the stunning new visuals of iOS7, you can connect anywhere from your iOS7 or iOS6 device and stream content direct from your home PC. Watch the game! Tape that documentary. Listen to your favorite album!

Browse and stream your videos and recorded TV shows. Stream your music, anywhere in the world. Stream your music, anywhere in the world.
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  • Watch your movies and videos - almost all formats supported.
  • Browse your music library, listen to songs streamed direct from your home PC.
  • View your pictures library; download or email pictures to friends.
  • Sync up albums and songs for offline access.

Windows Media Center users can also:

  • Browse your TV Guide and schedule recordings.
  • Watch previously recorded TV shows - streamed live from your home PC*
  • The first app in the world to directly stream WTV recorded TV files to your iPhone!
Browse the TV guide and schedule recordings.

If you've not already installed Remote Potato, now's the time to grab a copy of the free server software which runs on your home PC and makes all this possible.

Then, once it's up-and-running, head to the App Store to download a copy of the Remote Potato 2014 app - for the ultimate multimedia experience, wherever you are!

* - wireless streaming subject to system requirements and compatible video files

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